Enhance Domain Awareness

Rutter helps ship owners and fleet operators manage situational risk by providing cost-effective radar solutions to help meet the increasing challenges of the industry.

As shipping routes open in the North, piracy remains prevalent, and owners seek to improve operational efficiency, Rutter helps to enhance domain awareness and identify unsafe operating conditions.

While Northern shipping routes are allowing more access and passage, they remain dangerous and seasonal. Rutter’s sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ and WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring System help to decrease transit times and protect high value cargo.

Environmentally responsible oil and gas tankers rely on Rutter’s sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ to reduce the risk of environmental impact, and WaMoS® II to reduce their carbon footprint.

Rutter’s sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance (STS) system provides early threat detection, allowing for more time to identify and respond to potential dangers and protect a vessel, crew, and cargo.

Efficient, Flexible Radar Solutions

Vessel owners and fleet managers rely on Rutter’s radar solutions to meet the safety and security challenges of the modern shipping industry.

sigma S6 Ice Navigator™

Detect large icebergs, small bergy bits, and growlers that can significantly damage a vessel.

sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance

Receive early threat detection to improve the safety of crew and security of cargo.

WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring System

Understand wave and current conditions to maintain safe operations and optimize fuel efficiency.


Global Installations AND Applications

Rutter’s radar solutions help tankers, container ships, and cargo carriers navigate safely and efficiently through challenging waterways around the world.

Rutter’s radar solutions offer cost-effective utilization of existing radar assets. They have been proven effective, and costs to implement are a fraction of the potential savings realized, and the value of damage prevented.