Complete Port Protection

Rutter offers a variety of port security solutions for the monitoring and detection of environmental and security threats, sea states, and vessel traffic.

In combination with standard marine x-band radars, Rutter’s products present 24-hour monitoring and reporting systems that greatly improve the detection of hazardous wave and current conditions, small craft, ice hazards, and oil spills.

Rutter’s radar solutions ensure the safety, security, and environmental integrity of vessels entering and departing ports while also protecting key infrastructure. Shore-side installations enable harbour masters and security officials to remotely monitor ports, port infrastructure, coastlines, and vessel traffic.


Rutter’s radar solutions offer a cost effective alternative to aerial surveillance, more dynamic information than single point monitoring, and a longer range and broader view than camera options. Rutter also offers remote installation with the convenience of centralized control and monitoring.

Rutter systems do not require dedicated radar hardware, and are available in combinations to solve multiple monitoring and security challenges on one computing platform.

sigma S6 Ice Navigator™

Monitor seasonal ice conditions, and detect large icebergs, small bergy bits, and growlers.

WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring System

Measure wave and current conditions around a port to ensure the safety of vessel traffic.

sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance

Police unregulated traffic in busy ports, and protect infrastructure inside a port from vandalism, theft, and major security threats.

sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection System

Protect the environment surrounding a port from petro-chemical spills.

Global Installations AND Applications

Rutter’s products present solutions to many safety and security challenges faced by ships, ports, and port infrastructure around the world – from environmental monitoring and protection, to threat detection and identification.

As an example of its global reach, Rutter is currently providing ice monitoring at the VTS station Vladivostok, harbour entry wave and current monitoring in Greenland, illegal immigration detection in the Caribbean, and oil spill detection monitoring in Tarragona, Spain.