Versatile Tools for Renewable Energy

Rutter’s radar solutions offer valuable support to the renewable energy industry. Rutter’s sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance (STS) system and WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring System help the design, development, and refinement of power generation technologies. In support of research and development, WaMoS® II provides ground truth data to identify strengths and weaknesses in prototype technologies.

Safety & Efficiency at Every Stage

Rutter products are essential tools for the development and sustainability of renewable energy resources at all stages of development and operation.

An early investment in WaMoS® ll can yield results throughout the life of a wind farm – from site evaluation to selection, construction, operation, maintenance, perimeter security, and loss prevention.

Rutter also offers the convenience and efficiency of combining sigma S6 STS and WaMoS® II products into one single radar installation.

WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring System

  • Evaluate potential sites for suitability of location.
  • Monitor waves and current conditions during construction.
  • Understand wave and current conditions during maintenance, and ensure safe operating conditions.
  • Evaluate emerging and prototype technologies beyond windmills.

sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance (STS)

  • Detect threats to infrastructure during operations.
  • Protect from damage by fishing equipment and trespassers.
  • Remotely monitor and protect 24 hours a day, regardless of weather conditions and visibility.

Global Installations AND Applications

Rutter’s sigma S6 STS and WaMoS® II radar solutions are used globally for technology evaluation, site construction, and operation.