Detection, Monitoring, and Response Management

Rutter provides radar solutions to many functions and phases of oil field development and the petrochemical industry – from protecting development and drilling operations, to downstream industries like refining, loading, and shipping.

Rutter’s radar solutions are designed with harsh environments and complex operations in mind. Offering reliable, efficient solutions for the offshore exploration and development industry, our innovative technologies help operators spend more time on task through proven early detection, monitoring, and response management systems customized to meet operational needs.

Rutter’s radar solutions can be found in both established fields and emerging markets, and are currently operational in all phases of the industry in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, South America, the Russian Arctic, the East Coast of Canada, and across Asia-Pacific.


Rutter’s radar solutions are commercially available off-the-shelf. Utilizing existing radar hardware, our systems are designed to provide the efficiency of multiple applications on a single, common computing platform, and minimize the equipment footprint on ships and platforms.

sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection System

Accurate oil spill detection, response, and management that is industry specified, tested, and proven compliant to NOFO mode of operation.

sigma S6 Ice Navigator™

Detect large icebergs, small bergy bits, and growlers that pose operational risks.

sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance

Detect unidentified vessels and small, low profile objects that could interrupt operations or damage gear during seismic surveys.

WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring System

Support operational decision making in offshore construction, diver support, helideck operations, and navigation in extreme current and sea states.


Designed to provide a seamless view and a streamlined operation by monitoring the environment around the full perimeter of a platform.




  • ​Ice Management Planning
  • Helideck Operations
  • Subsea Construction
  • Oil Spill Detection
  • Seismic Survey Support
  • Anti-Piracy Security
  • Coastal and Environmental Monitoring




  • ​Tankers
  • Platforms
  • Supply Ships
  • Offshore Construction Ships
  • Ice Management Operations
  • Port Monitoring
  • Seismic Survey Ships
  • Coastal Monitoring
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Ships
  • Floating Production Storage and Offloading Ships