Rutter is a marine technology company that provides innovative radar solutions designed to enhance safety and security in harsh conditions and challenging environments.

Our main office and research facility is located on the doorstep of the North Atlantic Ocean. We believe technology can make the world a better place, and that is why we proudly support ocean research and the conscientious development of non-renewable resources. Our mission is to keep operations moving forward, and to contribute to responsible resource development.

Our global network of dealers and representatives supplies fully integrated solutions to improve safety and efficiency in marine, coastal surveillance, transportation, and oil and gas industries.



Sigma s6 high-definition radar

Rutter's proprietary sigma S6 radar systems are recognized around the world. Using marine X-band radar as its input sensor, sigma S6 technology uses advanced signal processing to remove sea and weather clutter to substantially improve target detection and tracking capabilities while generating high-resolution radar imagery to support operational decision making.

Referenced as an industry standard, sigma S6 systems are designed for complex applications such as sea ice tracking and management, small target detection, vessel and port security, and oil spill detection and response management


WaMoS® II wave and current monitoring system, developed by Rutter’s subsidiary OceanWaveS GmbH, uses X-band radar to provide information critical to operations where wave heights and safety conditions impact decisions. WaMoS® II is actively used in mission-critical applications such as heavy-lift operations, vessel jacking, replenishments at sea, and helicopter landings.

WaMoS® II provides real-time data about operating environments which assists in managing the risks inherent in many maritime activities. WaMoS® is also used in the research of the marine environment, contributing to our understanding of our oceans and leading to the development of new technologies.


Rutter’s sigma S6 radar systems connect to most commercially available marine radars, enabling our customers to extract additional value and effectiveness from their existing navigation radar assets.

Our WaMoS® II wave and current monitoring system, and all of Rutter’s sigma S6 radar solutions such as SeaFusion, Oil Spill Detection, Small Target Surveillance, and Ice NavigatorTM are designed for seamless, cost-effective integration. Multiple products can be easily combined in one efficient installation.


Installations By Country


Promised | 2014 - 2015


In co-operation with the Technical University of Delft, PROMISED is striving to predict wave induced motions and forces in ship, offshore and dredging operations through the development of radar image analysis to improve single wave detection.

Dolphin | December 2013-2014


Then goal of DOPLPHIN (Development of Pre-operational Services for Highly Innovative Maritime Surveillance Capabilities) is to identify and develop innovative software tools providing effective improvements of the state-of-the-art capabilities in maritime surveillance, filling the current technological gaps using ship detection algorithms, single wave analysis and sea surface elevation data analysis. 

ProWoo | 2013 - 2015

In partnership with Technical University of Berlin (TUB), the Weather Forecast Window for Offshore Operations (ProWoo) seeks to provide ground-truthed single wave data as input into TUB’s motion prediction system and investigate the effect of VPOL antennas for WaMoS sea-state operation.